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Reception Services

Indoor Reception Styling


Indoor Reception

Service includes full set up, pack up and delivery so you can enjoy your special moment without any hassle.

Your wedding is a celebration time.

Pulling all the details together in the days leading up to your special event can be overwhelming.  

Let us relieve some of that stress by taking care of all your decorating needs.  

We work with you to provide all the wedding decoration of your choosing. 

Our services include full set up, pack up and delivery so you can enjoy your special moment without any hassle.

Not only do we help make the event enjoyable but we aim to make the planning process enjoyable too.

Reception Decoration Choices


Forever Package

Non-Partnered Package

(ie: apply to various restaurants)


Decoration Choices

For Package Items

For Individual Request


Special Effects

Cold Sparklers

Dance on cloud

Sound System, etc...

Package Partner with Restaurant



Landmark Sunnybank Package



Parkland Restaurant



Yumcha Cuisine

Yumcha Cuisine Garden City Package

How to Start planning
your reception Decoration

Step 1:

Check Booking Availability


Email / Contact us with the following details:

  • Your Name:

  • Your Wedding Date

  • Your Reception Time

  • Your Wedding Venue

  • Your Reception Size (total guests)

  • Your Selected Decoration Package 

Step 2

Booking Confirmation

  • Confirm your decoration choices / selected package via email / message

  • Pay the Deposit Payment to secure the booking 

  • For Package Partnered with Restaurant, Client to send a confirmation email of your selected package to the restaurant and us for billing purpose

Step 3

Decoration Styling

  • Using the Quotation link below to choose your desired decoration 

  • Please take note of the inclusion item and its class when you choose your decoration items

  • Upgrades decoration can be included at extra cost.

Step 4

Final Stage


3 weeks BEFORE the wedding date:

  • Confirm final chair cover quantity 

  • Confirm final table number

  • Confirm the restaurant venue

  • Confirm the reception time on the invitation card

  • Email the restaurant layout

  • Send the seating chart (if any)

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