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DIY Rental
Terms & Conditions

DIY Rental Terms & Conditions

A - Definitions:


  1. “We” refer to “TNJ Forever” who is the owner of the rental items.

  2. “The customer” refers to the person, corporation, the hirer who booked the rental items, courier services.

  3. “Rental items” refer to any hired items that requested by the customer.

  4. “Event date” refers to the date that the customer booked to use the rental items.

  5. “Calendar days” are used for this policy. Otherwise, it will be indicated if the business days will be applied.


B - General Terms and Conditions:

  1. A DIY Rental Invoice will include a bond payment and the rental fee of the customer ‘s ordered items.

  2. A DIY Rental Form must be completed by the customer once they submitted order.

  3. Once the order is submitted, the customer agrees and accepts the terms and conditions from the date they make a booking with us.

  4. In the event that the customer shall be breach any of the condition of hire, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement.

  5. The rental items remain the property of TNJ Forever at all times.

  6. The customer may not transfer this contract to another party. Booking is non-transferable.

  7. TNJ Forever reserves the right to change the prices, specials, terms and conditions on the website at any time without notice.

  8. Continued using the services will also mean the customer’s acceptance of this Terms & Conditions.


C - Deposit, Payments & Bond:

  1. The customer’s booking will be confirmed once payment in full has been made. Until such time that payment has been received by us, the booking will remain as a ‘Quote’ only.

  2. The customer, who has made the booking, is liable for all payment. Depending on the rental invoice, full payment is required upon the submission of the order. Else, final balance must be paid two weeks before the event date via EFTPOS / CASH.

  3. A minimum deposit amount of $50, depending on the total rental invoice, will be required to secure the booking. This deposit payment is non-refundable if cancellation occurs. 

  4. A minimum bond payment of $50 is required for rental invoice up to $200 in total.

  5. Bond payment will be refundable once all the rental items are returned in the same conditions and the same quantities that were given to the customer upon their collection and any extra conditions according to the rental invoice. 

  6. Bond payment will be refunded within 3 business days using the same payment method that the customer paid their bond upon booking.


 D - Collection, Delivery, Setup and Storage:

  1. DIY Rental items are available to hire up to 5 calendar days.

    • For a Saturday wedding - e.g.: Sat 7/1

    • Pick up Date: Wednesday of the wedding week - e.g.: Wednesday 4/1

    • Return Date: 1st Monday after wedding date - e.g.: Monday 9/1

    • Collection Time / Return Time: after 11 am, exact time to be confirmed with client.

    • Collection Address: will be send the customer to the customer upon booking.

  2. The customer may pick up their rental items from our showroom at the time agreed in advance. It is not our responsibility to carry or load items into their vehicle, however our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

  3. If a delivery service is booked, the customer is responsible for having someone available to take delivery of the rental items at the nominated date, time and address. If the customer fails to be there at that time, an additional delivery fee will be charged to re-deliver the rental items at another time. Same rule will also be applied when a collection service is booked.

  4. A delivery service or a collection service doesn’t include the setup or pack up of rental items. If the customer requires set up or pack up, this service can be offered at the additional cost & booking is required in advance.

  5. In receiving of the rental items, the customer acknowledges receipts of the rental items in good condition and shall use and store the rental items only at the address listed on the rental order / invoice.

  6. All DIY rental items are the responsibility of the customer to set up. Instructions can be provided if the customer is unsure about how to set up, or the customer can contact us for further advice.

  7. No warranty is given by us as to the fitness of the rental items for the purpose required by the customer.

  8. It is assumed that the customer would have a proper knowledge in the operation and handling of the rental items and follows OH&S policies and does not hold TNJ Forever responsible for any injury caused to themselves or others whilst moving or setting up any rental items.

  9. Our rental items have been designed primarily for indoor use, although they can be used outdoor in fine weather conditions. If an outdoor setting is planned, but weather conditions are not suitable for usage of rental items (e.g.: wet weather, rain, storm, strong winds etc), then an alternative location is highly recommended to relocate the rental items out of weather if required. Throughout the rental period, the customer is liable for any damage to the rental items.


 E - Loss, Damage & Other Fee:

  1. The customer shall return the rental items in a condition as it was given to the customer and in the conditions according to the rental agreement.

  2. All rental items are due to be returned according to the agreed date. Any late return will be incurred the additional rental fees which are calculated at a weekly rate based on the number of rental items until the time of return of the goods to compensate the effect of other booking.

  3. If the rental items are damaged or missing, the customer must notify us within 24 hours of receiving the rental items. Failure to notify us within 24 hours of receiving the rental items, it will be assumed that the customer has received the rental items in good condition and it will be their full responsible to redeem damaged cost and the rental fee still apply.

  4. The customer agrees to remove their decoration or any items which attached to our rental items. Failure to remove their decoration or attached items from our rental items or in the default of which special cleaning service is required, the customer shall be liable to pay a cleaning fee such as removal of permanent marker, red wine spillage, stain etc.

  5. Burnt mark, candle wax and its stain on table linen/fabric, especially the velvet fabric or white linen, are hard to be removed. If the rental item returns with candle wax / burnt mark on the linen, it will be considered as sold and is charged at a market retail price of each item.

  6. Any damaged, lost or non-returned items will be charged at full retail price of each item irrespective of the age or condition of the rental items at the hiring period.

  7. In the case that any equipment is lost, stolen, damaged, requires cleaning, late return or is unable to be picked up or unable to be returned, we reserve the right to charge the additional fee which will be deducted from the bond balance first, any shortage of payment will be billed to the customer to finalise.


F - Cancellation:

  1. The following cancellation fees will be applied to all cancellation reasons:

    1.  More than 4 weeks before the event date: the deposit payment is non-refundable.

    2. Within 3 weeks to 4 weeks before the event date: 50% of the total cancellation invoice will be non-refundable.

    3. Within 2 weeks before the event date: 100% of the total cancellation invoice will be non-refundable.

    4. Once the non-refundable payment is deducted, the remaining paid balance can be refunded to the customer.

  2. This is to cover our loss of expenses that is being impacted to other event in order to reserve for the customer’s event date.

G - Change of Hire Event Date:

  1. Change of event date will be accepted only if that date is available, given a minimal notification period is 4 weeks prior the event date in a Non-Covid situation.

H - Covid / Exemption:

With the current Covid Pandemic and the effect its currently having on the Events Industry, TNJ Forever is committed to working with the customer when the unforeseen arises. The below applies to Government imposed restrictions that will directly affect their event from proceeding. We will review their booking in accordance with the below:

  1. Any change of date/ postponement request is required to be submitted in writing and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  2. If an event cannot be held due to Government imposed restriction, all monies paid will be applied as the following:

    1. If the customer is preferred to reschedule for the new event date, the payment will be held as a credit for a period of 12 months from original hire date.

      • Once a new event date has been confirmed, we will move the customer’s booking across to their new proposed date, subject to availability.

      • Should any items be unavailable on the new event date, we can assist the customer to find an alternative option. If no suitable alternative is available, the payment received for this unavailable item will be refunded to the customer.

    2. If the customer’s event does not occur within 12 months of the original hire date, or cancellations of postponed events, the following rules will be applied:

      1. non-refundable payments:

        • deposit payment

        • any expenses that we paid to organise their rental item.

        • any personalised request to the rental items will be charged in full rental price.

      2. the remaining paid balance will be refundable to the customer.

  3. The above conditions are applicable for a single date change only unless due to a further Government imposed restriction which we will review on a case-by-case basis.


Thank you for choosing our services.

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