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Sale & Hire Services
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Service booking
including Sale Orders and Hire Orders

A. Definitions

  1. “We” refer to “TNJ Forever”.

  2. “The Customer” refers to the person, corporation who is booking the services.

  3. “External provider” refers to the service provider that is not TNJ Forever.

  4. “Serviced item” refers to the rental item or sale item which the customer booked for a service to be delivered for that item on their event date.

  5. “Event Date” refers to the date that the customer booked the service for.

  6. “Calendar days” are used for this policy. Otherwise, it will be indicated if the business days will be applied.

  7. Sale Services will cover the terms and conditions of the following items:

    • Wedding Cakes, Dessert, Lollies, Eatable food.

    • Any kinds of Fresh Flower arrangements

    • Custom made order like wedding sign, cake topper, invitation cards, special request etc.

    • Any sale order including the service delivery and excluding online sale order.

  8. Hire Services will cover the terms & conditions of the following items:

    • All types of decoration services and rental order which is including the service.

    • All service booking to be provided by external providers.

B. General Terms and Conditions for Service booking for Sale order and Hire orders

  1. The customer agrees and accepts the terms and conditions from the date they make a booking with us.

    • This is also applied to those customers who booked their services with us as part of the venue decoration package. We are a separated and independently operating business that is not managed by the venue owner.

  2. By accepting the booking that provides by external provider through our services, The customer also accepts the terms and conditions of the external provider as each provider is a separated entity and an individual operating business. Customer also agrees to disclose their contact details, if required, to external provider for the service to be fulfilled.

  3. The customer may not transfer their booking to another party. Booking is non-transferable.

  4. A Service booking invoice will include a bond payment, rental fee or service fee for the requested order by the customer.

  5. All fresh flowers are subject to the nature of the flower thus only fresh seasonal flower will be used for the customer event date. The photo samples of fresh flower are for demonstration purpose only. If any flower in photo sample isn’t available, the florist can change the alternative fresh flower to achieve the customer colour theme.

  6. We will not accept the responsibility for any loss or damage of personal equipment or personal merchandise or personal decoration items which are left at the venue prior to, during or after the function.

  7. The rental items remain the property of TNJ Forever or the provider of that service at all times.

  8. In the event that the customer shall be breach any of the condition of service, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement.

  9. If any issues arise during the rental or service period, the customer must notify us within 24 hours of the receiving the rental item or service. No action can be taken by us after that 24 hours period.

  10. TNJ Forever reserves the right to change the prices, promotion, terms and conditions on the website at any time without notice.

  11. Continued using the services will also mean customer’s acceptance of this Terms & Conditions.

C. Deposit, Payments & Bond

  1. Customer’s booking will be confirmed once deposit payment is received. Until such time that payment has been received by us, the booking will remain as a ‘Quote’ only.

  2. The customer is required to finalised with us about all service details and its quantity by 3 weeks for the week.

  3. The customer, who has made the booking, is liable for all payment.

  4. Final balance must be paid 2 weeks before the event date via EFTPOS / CASH.

  5. A deposit amount will be required to secure the booking. This deposit payment is non-refundable.

    • A deposit of 50% is required for all sale services.

    • A minimum deposit of $300 for our hire services depending on the total invoice.

    • Additional deposit will be required per item which provides by each external provider.

  6. A minimum bond payment of $100 is required depending on the total hire service invoice.

  7. Bond payment will be refundable within 3 business days once all the rental items are returned in the same conditions that were given to the customer upon the customer collection time and the conditions according to the rental agreement. 

  8. Bond payment will be refunded using the same payment method that the customer paid their bond upon booking.

D. Setup, Collection, Delivery, and Storage

  1. Standard rental period (including setup and collection) is available as the following guideline:

    • Our standard reception rental period is calculated on a 12hour hire period or until 11pm of the event date whichever comes first. This rental period does not apply for special effect services or services that have a different arrangement as discussed with the customer or indicated on the invoice.

    • Special effects services, like sparkulars and dry ice smoke, are based on the booking session.

    • Our standard tea ceremony service at client’s house is up to 4 days rental.

    • The rental period can be varied depending on the type of services and the provider of the service.

    • Extended rental periods can be requested by the customer at the time of booking subject to availability of the rental item. A quotation will be provided to the customer. Booking is required in advance.

  2. Standard setup time:

    • Depending on the quantity, the event size (50 guests or 400+ guests), the number of requested services for the event, we will need up to 3 hours on average to setup the customer’s requested services. Our high priority aim will always be finishing the set up for the requested services as soon as we can before the event commences.

    • Below is a guideline example for your reference:

      • For Asian Venue: setup time will be from 3pm up to 6pm for dinner reception.

      • For Western Venue: setup time will be confirmed by the venue owner/ manager and the customer at least 2 weeks before the wedding.

      • Delivery of any kinds (e.g.: cake, flowers, etc) & party helper that the customer arranged by themselves:  is not recommended to arrive before 5:00 pm due to the relocation of furniture setting, floor vacuum are being arranged and the venue’s staff may not be there to assist you.

  3. If the venue has their existing decoration on the item that the customer would like us to decorate on, it is the customer’s responsible to pre-arrange with the venue to remove their decoration before our set up time and to put back their decoration after our pack up time.

    • Eg: chair cover provided the venue.​

  4. We reserve the right to refuse any on-spot services request from the customer that wasn’t requested in the original plan, in order to complete your original request.

  5. Standard Collection Time for all the services booked through us to be concluded latest by 11pm of the event date or earlier depending on the closure of your function venue.

  6. All decoration items (e.g.: flower vases, silk flower arrangements, money box, lolly jars etc…) are due to be returned inside the venue and in their original shape before the event is concluded.

  7. No warranty is given by us as to the fitness of the rental items for the purpose required by the customer.

  8. TNJ Forever will not hold any responsible for any injury caused to the customer and their guests whilst they are moving or relocating our setup to a different location than our original setup location.

E. Loss, Damage & Other Fee

  1. If the serviced items are damaged or missing, the customer must notify us within 24 hours of receiving the rental products. Failure to notify us within 24 hours of receiving the customer goods, it will be assumed that the customer has received the serviced items in good condition and it will be the customer full responsible to redeem damaged cost and the rental fee still apply.

  2. All rental items are due to be returned according to the agreed date and time. Any late return will be incurred the additional rental fees.

  3. Any damaged, lost or non-returned rental items will be charged at full retail price of each item irrespective of the age or condition of the rental items at the hiring period.

  4. The customer agrees to remove their decoration or any items which attached to our rental items, such as attaching the customer’s name to our backdrop and the customer doesn’t remove all the adhesive residual/ stain etc... Failure to remove their decoration or attached items from our rental items or in the default of which special cleaning service is required, the customer shall be liable to pay a cleaning fee such as removal of permanent marker, red wine spillage, stain.

  5. If the collection service is required after 11 pm of the event date, additional charge will be applied per hourly rate from each of the service provider.

  6. For all services to be provided on a Public Holiday, an additional charge of 10% is applied for our serviced items. This surcharge fee is varied by each service provider.

  7. In the case that any rental item is lost, stolen, damaged, requires cleaning, late return or is unable to be picked up or unable to be returned etc., the service provider of that rental item reserve the right to charge the additional fee. This which will be deducted from the bond balance first if bond, any shortage of payment will be billed to the customer to finalise.

F. Cancellation 

    The following cancellation fees will be applied to all the cancellation reasons.

  1. For Hire Services and Sale Services of Wedding Cakes and Fresh Flower Arrangement:

    • More than 4 weeks before the event date: the deposit payment is non-refundable.

    • Within 3 weeks to 4 weeks before the event date: 50% of the total cancellation invoice will be non-refundable.

    • Within 2 weeks before the event date: 100% of the total cancellation invoice will be non-refundable.

    • Additional charge will be added-on to your non-refundable cancellation total if you have requested a personalise decoration or a sale order for your wedding event.

    • Once the non-refundable payment is deducted, the remaining paid balance can be refunded to the customer accordingly to the cancellation policy.

  2. For Sale Services excepts Wedding Cakes and Fresh Flower Arrangement:

    • No cancellation is allowed for sale products upon the submission of the order. 100% of the total cancellation invoice will be applied.

  3. This is to cover our loss of expenses that is being impacted to other event in order to reserve for the customer event date.

H. Change of Event Date: 

  1. Change of event date will be accepted only if that date is available, given a minimal notification period is 4 weeks prior the event date in a Non-Covid situation. 

G. Covid / Exemption

With the current Global Pandemic and the effect its currently having on the Events Industry, TNJ Forever is committed to working with the customer when the unforeseen arises. The below applies to Government imposed restrictions that will directly affect the customer event from proceeding. We will review the customer booking in accordance with the below:

  1. The below terms & conditions are applied to the services providing by us:

    1. Any change of date/ postponement request is required to be submitted in writing and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    2. If an event cannot be held due to Government imposed restriction, all monies paid will be applied as the following:

      1. If the customer is preferred to reschedule for the new event date, the payment will be held as a credit for a period of 12 months from original service date.

      2. Once a new event date has been confirmed, we will move the customer booking across to the customer new proposed date, subject to availability.

      3. Should any items be unavailable on the new event date, TNJ Forever will assist the customer with finding an alternative option. If no suitable alternative is available, these funds will be refunded to the customer for the unavailable items.

      4. If the customer event does not occur within 12 months of the original service date, or cancellations of postponed events, the following rules will be applied:

        • non-refundable payments:

          • deposit payment

          • any expenses that we paid to organise the customer rental item.

          • any personalised request to the rental items & / sale item will be charged in full rental price.

        • the remaining balance will be refundable to the customer.

      5. The above conditions are applicable for a single date change only unless due to a further Government imposed restriction which we will review on a case-by-case basis.       

  2. For the services to be provided by external providers, it will be discretion of external providers and their terms of conditions.


Thank the customer for choosing our service.

TNJ Forever Wedding

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