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Parkland Package

Parkland Restaurant Package
- Partnered with TNJ Forever

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Part B: How to Start
Planning your Reception Decoration

Package offer can be changed without notice. 
Package validation is required before booking)

Step 1:

Check Booking Availability


Email / Contact us with the following details:

  • Your Name

  • Your Wedding Date

  • Your Reception Time

  • Your Wedding Venue

  • Your Reception Size (total guests)

  • Your Selected Decoration Package Name

Step 2

Booking Confirmation

  • Client will need to send a confirmation email / mobile message to the restaurant and TNJ Forever with the following details: 

    • your wedding date

    • your booking name

    • your selected package name 

    • the estimated reception tables ​which is excluding the kid table and spare table. 

    •  this is for billing purpose.

  • To secure the booking, Client pay the Deposit Payment to TNJ Forever 

Step 3

Decoration Styling

  • Using the Quotation link below to choose your desired decoration 

  • Please take note of the inclusion item and its class when you choose your decoration items

  • Upgrades decoration can be included at extra cost which we will bill you directly.

Step 4

Final Stage


3 weeks BEFORE the wedding date, notify the restaurant and TNJ Forever with the following details:

  • Confirm final chair cover quantity 

  • Confirm final table number

  • Confirm the restaurant venue

  • Confirm the reception time on the invitation card

  • Email the restaurant layout

  • Send the seating chart (if any)

Part C: Queries / Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ



See Relevant Categories

  • Decoration/ Hire Services

  • Partnered Package

  • Wedding Cake 

Other Queries 


Send your queries to:

Part D: Normal Billing and Payment Process

For Booking Reservation

of the Decoration Package 

TNJ Forever:

  • Send the bill to Client for the Deposit Payment $200 

  • Deposit Payment will be refundable if the wedding date is proceeded according to the initial booking date.

  • Deposit Payment is non-refundable if any cancellation occurs. 


  • Pay to TNJ Forever the Deposit Payment to reserve the booking

  • Due within 3 days upon the confirmation agreement.

Bill: For Items INCLUDED

in the Package

TNJ Forever:

  • Send the bill to Parkland Restaurant


  • Pay to Parkland Restaurant for the agreed package value and its reception size.

Parkland Restaurant:

  • Pay to TNJ Forever 

TNJ Forever:

  • Refund to Client for the Deposit Payment within 1 week after wedding date given Parkland Restaurant has paid TNJ Forever.

Bill: For Items


from the Package

TNJ Forever:

  • Send the bill to Client


  • Pay to TNJ Forever by 2 weeks before the wedding date.

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