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Description: this package is designed as self-decoration / DIY decoration for small size tea ceremony celebration.


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Rental Period: up to 5 days



Package Inclusion:


Part A: Hire Items

- 4 red wedding tray & cover cloths (5 mam qua do & khan phu) 

- 1 artificial betel nut and betel leaf (1 buong trau cau gia) 

- 1 tea set and black lacquer tray (1 khay tra son mai) 

- 1 marriage sign (1 Bang Thanh Hon / Bang Tan Hon/ Bang Vu Quy) 

- 1 red velvet embroided cloth (1 khan vai nhung theu rong phung) 


Part B: Sale Item

- 1 red plain statin table cloths (1 khan vai phi tron)


Products' design are random selected based on the availability.



“Photos are including decoration samples for demonstration purpose only. Price is excluded accessories.”

Hire - DIY Bronze Tea Ceremony Package

SKU: HA-Pck-DIY-Bronze

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